A large share of our everyday practice is concentrated in the field of Relocation Appraisal, and we handle a significant volume of relocation assignments throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area. Our Relocation Clients are both local and worldwide, and we place a high priority on delivering a reliable finished product in a timely manner. In each assignment, we make every effort to examine all data that is relevant; from sales data and current listings to recent improvements made by the homeowner in an effort to incorporate into the finished written report.

Whether you are being transferred by your company, or you are a representative from one of our Corporate Relocation Clients, our objective is to gain a solid understanding of the subject property, and present a well supported and reasonable value estimate for our client.

The following frequently asked questions will offer additional information you may require.

Where are you located?

Kline Lewis, LLC has offices in Mount Lebanon (South Hills Office) and on Perry Highway in Wexford (North Hills Office) in Pittsburgh,  Allegheny County, PA

Whom from your office handles Relocation Appraisals?

Aaron R. Kline is an approved appraiser on many relocation panels and performs all relocation assignments that are received by our firm.

What is your experience / background in relocation?

Mr. Kline has been appraising since 1984, and since then has handled thousands of relocation assignments throughout Greater Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania.

What is involved in a typical assignment?

We make every effort to inspect the property immediately. Included in the actual inspection is gathering specific data with regard to construction quality, overall condition, site improvements, features (such as fireplaces, deck, patio, built ins, paddle fans, etc). We also will photograph each room, measure the exterior of the dwelling for a gross living area calculation and photograph the exterior of the subject. Back at the office, we conduct an investigation of what has taken place in the local market (the study of recent comparable sales) as well as what is occurring today (competing listings). We also investigate the local economic conditions, recent history within the neighborhood, current supply/demand and additional factors that are relevant to the value estimate conclusions.

What is needed from the homeowner / transferee?

We always request the following items; a deed, a survey of the property, and a list of all recent improvements / upgrades made since purchase. We do not need to take with us a copy of the deed or survey. Reading the important information is adequate. As for the recent improvements, a written list is always helpful. We want to make sure we give credit for all the upgrades that are done to your home. Please remember that value may be added from the smallest repair or improvement, so every item might be important regardless of cost or scope of work involved.

Many transferee’s offer several recent sales and/or listings for the appraiser to consider. Usually these are provided by your realtor. As an appraiser, it is my responsibility to accept all sales data submitted by the transferee and consider for use in the appraisal report.

How long does this process take?

Once we receive an appraisal request from our relocation client, we will schedule within 24 hours. Normally, we can deliver electronically a completed appraisal report within 48 – 72 hours of our physical inspection of the property.

Is the appraisal process confidential?

Each appraisal assignment is indeed confidential between our relocation client and the homeowner/transferee. The work we submit is sent ONLY to our client and is held in strictest confidence

This is a brief overview of the more common questions we receive during phone interviews with potential transferees. Hopefully, many answers can be found here. That said, we recognize that each property is different with unique circumstances, and homeowners/transferees want to feel comfortable in dealing with a relocation appraiser. We encourage you to call our office to speak directly with Aaron Kline, should there be concerns or more information needed. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.


A considerable amount of our appraisal work comes from the lending community. Our clients include both local and national brokers, banks, credit unions, etc.  We pride ourselves on performing professional appraisal work in a timely and courteous manner.  The counties that comprise our servicing area include Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and portions of Lawrence and Westmoreland.  Also, KLINE LEWIS  has created a spin-off division, The Appraisal Servicing Group, that can assist our clients in obtaining appraisal services nationwide.  Please call for more information on The Appraisal Servicing Group.  Typically, we deliver a finished report within 72 hours of inspecting the property.  Our fees are reasonable and competitive, and references are available upon request.


KLINE LEWIS can handle appraisal needs for a number of different purposes. Some of the most frequent include appraisals to discontinue Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), Foreclosures, Estates, Tax Appeals, Legal Issues/Disputes.  We also offer court testimony (when needed).  Several of our clients do not require a full appraisal but rather, consulting services.  For example, a homeowner attempting to determine what improvements should be made without overspending, or a real estate investor trying to set fair rents for an apartment building.  Our staff can handle these assignments in a consulting capacity as opposed to a complete appraisal.


We Service the following counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania (Greater Pittsburgh)

Western PA

Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Armstrong, Washington, Westmoreland.